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These gentlemen were very professional and easy to work with and we would love to call them back for any future needs!!!

Warren Roitman was our undertaker and he took care of every detail with respect and dignity. In the chaotic world of circumstances, he led us and provided us with all the information we needed to ensure Mum's internment. Overall, our family was very pleased with his ability to serve our needs in this difficult time. He was even able to make some arrangements to make it easier for our families when the time came.

He followed every step of the process and stayed in touch with us during this time to keep us informed of any changes. He was able to look after us personally while at the same time having such a hand in our commitment and made our difficult time all the easier. Our family know it has not been easy for Westminster Memorial but we are so grateful he has been involved - in the involvement. Please contact us to see how we did it and to answer any questions or concerns regarding the internment and funeral arrangements for Mom.

Feel free to go through the entire process with us while we review the contract and complete the services and contact the funeral director.

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Asian Garden Mallooffers a wide selection of jewelry, clothing, gifts and toys for buyers. The shopping centre hosts several cultural and community events throughout the year, such as the Little Saigon Night Market in the summer months.

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The City of Westminster is located in Orange County, California, north of Los Angeles and south of San Bernardino County. Westminster borders the San Gabriel Mountains, the Santa Monica Mountains and the Sierra Madre Mountains. It also borders the cities of Huntington Beach, San Diego, Orange and Riverside County, making it a landlocked city, but with many opportunities to host a variety of events and events for residents of Los Angeles and Orange County. Heidi Deal is a writer, artist and author with a passion for exploring all that Orange County has to offer, and a children's book writer specializing in history and human rights.

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