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The beautiful sandy beach of Huntington Beach is just a stone's throw from Westminster, but where do many Westminster residents go to spend a nice day at the beach? Huntington Harbor is the first place I think of when I visit the various restaurants. Huntington Beach is not only a gourmet hotspot, but also one of the most popular tourist destinations in California.

Those who pass by enjoy the beautiful Pacific coast for a drive to Solvang, whether they come from the north or south. Southern California is clear only during the day, so if you don't know what's happening in Huntington Beach, the perfect place for your California getaway. Although Westminster is located in the heart of the OK, it is also just a few miles south of Los Angeles, making it a great destination for beach goers and beach lovers alike.

If you are camping in the area, the closest California campground to Solvang is Refugio State Beach, which is about 10 miles away. With one of the longest jetties on the West Coast, it is the place to experience the remarkable beach culture of the area.

People who live here call it an attraction, except Solvang, which is further from the coast and might need a little gasoline to visit and drive. When you're in Westminster, you don't even have to get on a plane to explore the wonders of Vietnam, and you don't even need a passport. Just go to Bolsa Avenue, the epicenter of Westminster's Little Saigon, and drive to Huntington. A trip to Westminster will allow you to enjoy one of the most beautiful beaches on the west coast of California and the sun and surfing there.

The Westminster Mall is the other shopping destination in the area and also serves the neighboring Huntington Beach. Westminster is close to several major Orange County landmarks, including the beach, Knott's Berry Farm and Disneyland, but it is also known as Little Saigon. There are some shops in this area in Westminster as well as in Garden Grove and Westminster Malls. Located on the San Gabriel River Freeway, this showroom is one of the most popular shopping destinations in Southern California, Westminster, CA.

Other attractions in Westminster include McCoy Hare House, the city's first drug store. Another attraction in Westminster is the Westminster History Center, an exhibition that traces the history of Westminster from its beginnings as a city in the 18th century to the present day. This exhibition shows life in and around Westminster in the 19th and 20th centuries, including the fully restored Wane Farmhouse and the original Westminster High School. Nearby is the Veterans Memorial at the Sid Goldstein Freedom Park at the Westminster Civic Center, which honors soldiers who fought and died during and after the Vietnam War.

Japanese - American Artist Isamu Noguchi's public sculpture garden, which he created, is a short drive south-east of Westminster city centre. This fast-growing Vietnamese shopping street is centered on a three square kilometre area bordered by Main Street, Main Avenue and the city's central business district. Visitors to the area will find Southeast Asian businesses that cater to the city's culturally diverse residents and reflect Westminster's ability to reflect the diversity of its residents in terms of race, ethnicity, religion, gender, sexual orientation, age, disability and gender identity.

Whether you're smoking bacon and pies together or craving a nice big omelette as the last meal of the day, Westminster has enough to satisfy your appetite. So get the best shopping experience and if you're in the market for a used car, a Ford dealer in Westminster, CA will work with you. If you want to experience everything you can do in and around Westminster, let Norm Reeves of Ford Superstore in Cerritos help you find the right reliable vehicle for your special needs.

Many of the newspaper offices in Little Saigon are located on Moran Street in Westminster, but the Vien Dong Daily News is also based on the corner of Moran and Main Street. Consider that the first newspaper in the United States, the New York Times, grew out of a newspaper office on the second floor of a building on North Main Street in Westminster.

The Southern California region is full of theme parks, but we couldn't resist a bit of Disney magic in Westminster. The park offers some great rides and family-friendly attractions, and Westminster is a great place to explore the various parks in the area.

So we packed our bags and headed for the Westminster Hotel, which would soon become our home for our Orange County adventures. Minutes later, we found a great hotel in Westminster and were ready to explore this new area of Southern California. There has never been a better time to make it to the hottest attraction in Orange County than during the summer months.

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